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FreshlightAgri sustainably improve the living conditions in the poultry sector. Depending on your needs and the stable conditions in your company, you can choose only ionization or the combination of ionization and full spectrum light. FreshlightAgri always offers you the right size solution.

Broiler farmers

Broiler farmers experienced the following benefits of innovative products FreshlightAgri:

• Lower use of antibiotics
• Higher growth
• Lower feed conversion
• Less downtime
• Less rejects the slaughterhouse

The broiler farm of Bernard Wolters is wildly enthusiastic about the revolutionary air purifying lighting FreshlightAgri.

“The base has decreased by 1.5%, the animals have a uniform quality and the shipping weight is 30-40 grams higher. That equates to a 1-3 points lower feed conversion. The investment in the lighting pays for itself within three rounds. I use the lights now in my stables.”

Layers and breeders

In layers and breeders create innovative products FreshlightAgri to the following experiences:

• Higher egg production
• Less downtime
• Stronger bones
• Quiet animals

At its modern laying hens, poultry company Torsius from Putten greatly from the products of FreshlightAgri.

“The solutions FreshlightAgri improved production, feed conversion and health. This means more eggs at a lower cost. The health of the chickens and staff is very important to us. Employees are in fact found a half-hour in the barn. The chickens 24 hours a day.”

FreshlightAgri combines the sole world ionization and full spectrum light. The innovative techniques FreshlightAgri it is possible for the entire poultry sector in response to current concerns, such as the reduction of particulate matter, lower use of antibiotics and the future ban on beak trimming.

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• Cleaner air for humans and animals
• Vital animals
• Reduced infection, lower use of antibiotics
• Higher production, lower feed conversion
• In short: more job satisfaction and higher profits!


See speaking measurement results of the air-purifying effects of FreshlightAgri lamps.



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